Road and storm water maintenance non-existent as Ekurhuleni floods

Statement by Cllr. Lebo Makhatini — DA Members of the Infrastructure Oversight Committee in Ekurhuleni

And Cllr. Joelene Mthethwa — DA Members of the Infrastructure Oversight Committee in Ekurhuleni

Date: 02 March 2021

Release: Immediate

Type: Media statement

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ekurhuleni, is concerned about the failing roads and storm water infrastructure across the Metro as the heavy rains begin to highlight the seriousness of the situation.

During the virtual Council meeting on the 25th February 2021, the DA detailed the frustrations shared by the resident across the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE), who continue to log complaints and yet, never have their issues resolved.

The unwilling ANC Coalition-led CoE blames Covid-19 for the lack of funds to attend to the routine maintenance of storm water drains. But the fact is, poor financial management and the neglect of ageing infrastructure has led to these service delivery failures. The ANC has not upgraded the storm water systems, and many are in a state of collapse. As a result, It is not uncommon for a blocked storm water drain to be unblocked after a year, while some potholes are left to become so big that they render the road unusable for commuters.

The heavy rains and hail storms experienced across the Metro, on Friday the 26th of February, show the true state of the problems, with much of the City’s storm water infrastructure being unable to cope with downpour causing floods across Benoni, Boksburg and Alberton to name a few. As a result main roads were severely flooded with scenes of cars sliding across the road surface and others submerged in water. Hospitals were also flooded, causing damage, which during a pandemic, we cannot endure.

The blocking of storm water drains means that water drainage on the road is non-existent causing pooling in many areas, posing a massive safety concern for residents.

The DA has been calling for better management and upgrades to our storm water infrastructure and urgent road maintenance repairs in the Infrastructure Oversight. Yet, the ANC and its coalition partners have no clear plan on how to action this. As the DA, we stand with residents and call on the Department of Roads & Storm Water to start adhering to their mandate of providing services, and honouring their own service standards.

Residents are encouraged to sign our petition. It is time to act, it is time for change! The residents of Ekurhuleni deserve better.

Attached video: Flooding in Benoni

Cllr. Joelene Mthethwa

DA Member of the Infrastructure Oversight Committee in Ekurhuleni

Cllr. Lebo Makhatini

DA Member of the Infrastructure Oversight Committee in Ekurhuleni

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