Upgrade of Farramere Fire Station remains incomplete after five long years

by Cllr. Mary Goby — DA Councillor in Ward 28, Ekurhuleni

Date: 16 August 2021

Release: Immediate

Type: Media statement

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ekurhuleni remains concerned over the complete halt of progress to the Farrarmere Fire Station in Benoni.

The ANC-led City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) embarked on a project to upgrade the facility, which would consist of two phases. Phase 1 was completed during the 2016/17 and 2017/18 Financial Year. According to written replies from the MMC for Community Safety, Cllr. Frans Mmoko, Phase 2, however, would only be completed when funds are secured.

ANC-appointed MMC Mmoko insinuated that there was no real urgency to complete the project as the critical operations of the Fire Stations were unaffected. While this may be true, it shows the ANC and their coalition partners* total disregard for the residents of Ekurhuleni and their contempt for the City’s real estate.

The incomplete section of the fire station remains partially cordoned off with barrier tape as the building continues to slide into degradation. Given the crumbling infrastructure of the building, it is shocking that R20-million has been spent on the project to date — and there is no end in sight.

Interestingly the appointed contractor to work on Phase 1 of the project has since been restricted from working on any City projects due to non-performance.

The Farrarmere Fire Station services a number of surrounding communities and it is critical that the infrastructure be upgraded so that the facility can perform its essential service to the City’s residents.

The DA understands the frustration of the resident and will monitor the progress by not allowing the ANC administration to simply condone that Fire Station falls into a state of disrepair. As such, the Party will pursue all avenues in holding the Metro to account in completing the project.


*Coalition Partners: African Independent Congress (AIC), Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), Patriotic Alliance (PA) and Independent Ratepayers Association of South Africa (IRASA)

Cllr. Mary Goby

DA Councillor in Ward 28, Ekurhuleni

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