Vote for DA Candidate, Golden Maduana, for Ward 59

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Golden Maduana

Ward: Ward 59, Ekurhuleni

My name is Golden Maduana, and I am the Democratic Alliance Ward 59 Candidate in the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE).

I’m standing to be a DA ward candidate in ward 59 because I believe that as a DA councillor I will be able to improve the lives of my community. I want to tackle the bread-and-butter issues that my community face every day. Delivering better service delivery is one of the core principles of the DA and I will ensure that under my leadership in ward 59, people will have access to the most basic of services such as water, proper sanitation, and electricity.

The issue of the lack of housing needs to be tackled immediately, in ward 59 the unserviced informal settlements are appalling. My vision for ward 59 includes making sure that everyone who deserves an RDP house gets one in a fair manner. I’ll make sure the list of housing beneficiaries gets published in the municipal customer care services offices so that everyone has access to it.

Furthermore ward 59 has 4 hostels which are barely maintained, if elected I’ll mainly focus on making sure that the hostel dwellers live in a dignified manner by ensuring regular maintenance in those hostels.

Community involvement is meaningful, I’m currently participating in activities that support and improve social wellbeing. As a former teacher in the community, I’m currently running an educational project which assists Matric learners with Physics and Maths mainly on Saturdays. I also participate in several community stakeholders’ engagements such as SGB, sports and recreation, community well-being projects. This is the DA difference.

I believe in working with the community and earning the respect of the community.

I always strive in ensuring there is democratic accountability for public services and ensuring service providers deliver quality and value for money.

The DA gets things done.

Media Enquiries

Golden Maduana

076 662 1833