Vote for DA Candidate, Heather Hart, for Ward 18

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Heather Hart

Ward: Ward 18, Ekurhuleni

My name is Heather Hart and I am the Democratic Alliance Ward 18 Candidate in the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE).

I am standing as a Ward Councillor as I believe in a liberal democracy based on the values of freedom, fairness, diversity and opportunity. I firmly believe that the DA is the only South African Party that espouses those values and has the policies and vision to achieve the economic justice that all South Africans deserve while delivering on its promise of service delivery excellence and ‘getting things done’ which is what local government and our ratepayers so desperately need.

I will continue to drive basic service delivery issues such as incorrect billings, potholes, streetlights, unkempt walkways and parks, blocked sewers and burst municipal lines or water meters.

My vision for Ward 18 is a clean and tidy community with well-maintained infrastructure; a Ward where streets are swept, where trees are trimmed regularly and pavements property maintained; where those who litter are dealt with accordingly and where all residents respect the environment and the rights of fellow residents; where residents know the by-laws and abide by them and where we have a responsive municipal administration that works for its ratepayers and residents.

Being a third term Councillor I am well known in most communities thanks to many years of media exposure both mainstream and social. I have an active presence in most communities and on their social media pages or groups. I am more than willing to hold or attend community meetings as required, which since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic is certainly preferred over previous ‘Town Hall’ meetings.

I have a strong work ethic from a career spanning 20 years in the corporate sector plus years of entrepreneurial experience. More recently 10 years of local government, together with years of public service are some of the pertinent qualities that I possess to fulfil my role as a DA Ward Councillor.

Media Enquiries

Heather Hart

082 902 1834