Vote for DA Candidate, Malcolm Maifala-Masebe, for Ward 38

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Malcolm Maifala-Masebe

Ward: Ward 38, Ekurhuleni

I am Malcolm Maifala-Masebe am standing as the DA Ward Candidate for Brackenhurst and Brackendowns, Ward 38. I believe in a non-racial society that affords all residents an opportunity to be what they would like to be, the freedom to be who they are, and a fair environment that allows them to have access to quality services.

Currently, the ward has an ongoing issue of sewer overflows, non-functional streetlights which have a major impact on safety in the area. The DA gets things done, and in the new term, I aim to ensure these services are resolved.

I intent on driving improved safety for the community, as the residents have recently expressed their safety concerns and I will be driving this by advocating for security cameras to be installed in the ward to help fight crime and monitor speeding in the area.

My future plans are to ensure a safer environment that is assisted by sufficient provision of basic services especially in reducing the time streetlights are off at night. Furthermore, engage EMPD in putting up street cameras for safety.

As a member of the community I have been involved in the Alberton Child Welfare previously, and I am now part of the Gauteng Child Welfare. I also engage the community frequently via public meetings as well as virtual public meetings.

During the first term as a Councillor I have shown that through innovation and finding new ways to engage the community, I have managed to increase community involvement. This is the DA difference.

Media Enquiries

Malcolm Maifala- Masebe

061 540 4973